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Also in Europe more and more consumers are discovering the excellent quality of the J Beverly Hills® products Worldwide, our products are being sold exclusively by selected professional salons and a limited number of online shops, which are closely connected to these professional salons.

However, the increasing popularity of and demand for J Beverly Hills® products, leads to a limited number of un-authorized brokers who are offering J Beverly Hills® products on the internet.
J Beverly Hills® cannot guarantee the quality and authenticity of these products in any way. These products may be counterfeit, expired, damaged, diluted or manipulated and may even be unsafe to use.

Especially for your protection and to ensure that you are buying an authentic J Beverly Hills product, J Beverly Hills® Europe has developed a “Qualified Online Reseller “ label. Whenever you buy a J Beverly Hills product online, please always carefully check if this “Qualified Online Reseller” label is clearly mentioned at the suppliers online shop. Only if this is the case, J Beverly Hills® 100 % guarantees the authenticity and the quality of the product.

In all other cases there is a serious risk that you are buying a fake product.